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Are you tired from your everday life? Want to see something else like your girlfriend or wife? Do you wish an exatic adventure just for a couple of hours or days? Then you have found the right place: MoldEscort. Enjoy the beauty and the charme from our well selected and beautiful ladies. Relax for hours in Chisinau. Or invite one of our models to your place or for a short vacation - everything is possible.

Take a break from the ususal - enjoy the hot beauties from Moldova. Live your fantasies, enjoy the unusal pleasures in unusual places.

Sincerity, responsibility and discretion are the characteristics of our agency, but our escorts offer amazing feelings of intimacy, pleasure, temptation and seduction. These are things only our escort ladies and boys can give you.

Seriousness - your emails, requests and questions will be answered. The escort will arrive at the agreed meeting place on time and will stay as long you wish. You can also extend the meeting once it has begun by calling.

Responsibility - in the event the escort misses her or his flight or can't make the meeting due to illness, your expenses for the airfare will be refunded by Western Union. These situation are rare, but they do happen, in which case we honor our commitment and refund your money.

Discretion is alpha-omega for us. What we offer is also what we request from our clients.


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Advantages from MoldEscort - Moldavian Beauties

Moldova is located in the heart of Europe, close to all metro areas. And the biggests advantage: Moldavian citizens can travel to Schengen-Area without any visa restrictions. Good flight connections are guaranteed with Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines.

Chisinau is old city with rich history and a big heritage, always good for a trip. See our wineries with the world famous wines and sparkling wines. Besides our girls you will be happy to enjoy Moldovas natural beauty...

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